The Transient Idea of this World and the Significance of the following World

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So now, most likely this world has turned its back and declared its takeoff while the following.

The world has shown up forward and announced its methodology. Today is the day of readiness While tomorrow is the day of the race. The spot to continue to is Heaven, while the place of Fate is Damnation. Is there nobody to offer atonement over his issues before his demise? Or then again is there nobody to perform prudent acts before the day of preliminary?

Be careful, most likely; you are in the times of expectations behind which stands demise. Whoever acts during the times of his hope before the methodology of his disappearance, his activity would profit him, and his passing Would not hurt him. However, he who neglects to act during the time of expectation before the methodology of Demise his activity is a misfortune and his passing is damage to him. Be careful, and work during a time of Fascination similarly as you act during a time of fear. Be careful, without a doubt; I have not seen a coveter for Heaven snoozing nor a dreader from Damnation to be sleeping. Be careful, he whom right does not profit. Must endure the damage of the wrong, and he whom direction does not keep a firm will be driven away by misguidance towards annihilation.

Be careful; you have been requested persistently to walk and been guided on how to accommodate the Venture. The terrifying thing which I fear about you is to pursue wants, What’s more, to augment the expectations. Accommodate yourself from this world what might spare you tomorrow (upon the arrival of Judgment).

as-Sayyid ar-Radi says: If there could be an expression which would haul by neck towards Renunciation in this world and power to activity for the next scene, it is this lesson. It is sufficient to cut off from the ensnarements of expectations and to touch off the blazes of lecturing (for ethicalness) Also, cautioning (against lousy habit). His most remarkable words in this message are, “Today is the day of Arrangement while tomorrow is the day of the race. The spot to continue to is Heaven while the spot of fate is Damnation,” because other than sublimity of words, the significance of importance, good metaphors and authentic delineations, there are superb privileged insights and fragile ramifications in that.

It is his maxim that the spot to continue to is Heaven while the spot of fate is Hellfire. Here he Has utilized two unique words to pass on two distinct implications. For Heaven, he has used the Word “the spot to continue to” yet for Damnation this word has not been utilized. One continues to a Place which he enjoys and wants, and this can be valid for Heaven as it were. Hellfire does not have the Engaging quality that it might be enjoyed or continued to. We look for Allah’s insurance from it. Since for Hellfire, it was not legitimate to state “to be continued to” Amir al-momineen utilized the word “fate” inferring the last spot of stay where one reaches even though it might mean misery and stress or joy and delight.

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This word is equipped for passing on the two detects. Be that as it may, it ought to be taken in the feeling of  “al-master” or “al-ma’al,” that is, final retreat. Qur’anic refrain is “state thou “Appreciate ye (your Joys yet some time ), for your final retreat, is unto the (damnation) fire” (14:30). Here to state

“sabqatakum” that is, “the spot for you to continue to” instead of “masirakum” that Is, your fate or final retreat would not be appropriate at all. Think and contemplate over it and see How wondrous are its internal ramifications and how far its profundity goes with magnificence? Amir al Momineen

Articulation is by and large on these lines. In certain variants “sabqah” is appeared  As “subway” which is connected to reward fixed for the victor in a race. Nonetheless, both the implications are close to one another, because a reward isn’t for a bothersome activity yet for good also, estimable execution.

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